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We started earthwhile in 2019. Mehr is a textile designer from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore and has a special love for everything handcrafted. Ishan is a civil engineer and MBA from IIM-Indore who handles the nerdy, tech and back-end stuff. The two of us have been married for a few years and live in Aurangabad with our dog, Ollie. We love to travel the world, cook vegan food and get excited about plant-based alternatives. earthwhile was born from our quest to understand what it means to eat, wear and live a more conscious lifestyle.

Our goal is to make sustainable clothes that are effortless to wear and are for everybody. We hope to become a community of mindful makers, sellers and consumers. Our garments are made with plant fibers using processes that minimize our impact on the planet. As we research about the best possible ways to do this, our first collection is made with indigenous cotton varieties from Kutch and Maharashtra. These cotton varieties are grown using organic methods and are water efficient as they need little or no irrigation. We have also blended these with natural fibers like linen and hand spun khadi yarn.

Our fabrics are woven by hand on pit looms or frame looms by families who weave in their homes. Our garments are stitched in small batches under expert supervision with utmost care and minimal use of plastic to pack and store. We have special love for the subtle unevenness in the texture of these fabrics and the little freckles and surprises. You can visit our info page to learn more about our practices.

We hope that you enjoy wearing earthwhile garments and that they become your old friends!


illustration of a man weaving on a handloom

Our garments are 100% handwoven. A handloom is a device used to weave fabrics manually, without using electricity. Two sets of yarn - warp and weft are interlaced to make fabric. The word 'handloom' is also used to identify fabrics made on a handloom. These fabrics carry the spirit of the weavers, their personalities and stories.

illustration of a woman picking cotton

Our clothing is made with cotton and/or linen. We strive to use organic (non-GMO) cotton. 96% of cotton grown in India is not organic & the seed market is controlled by GMO companies. NGOs are encouraging farmers to grow now hard-to-find indigenous varieties of cotton.

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