Handloom with close up of a shuttle
100% handwoven

shirts for all

Handwoven. Sustainable. Thoughtful.

Comfortable clothing made from plant fibers. Woven on handlooms in India.

New style


Introducing our latest style. It can be worn with either side in the front. Hence the name. Check it out!
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I just love the feel of the fabric - it’s amazingly light and is perfect for the summer in India. The fact that it looks great and is always noticed is an added bonus!

Ahmedabad, India

The fabric is super soft & very comfortable. It pairs well with everything. I love the mellow colours. Definitely one of my favourite go-to wardrobe essentials!

Goa, India

Easily one of the most comfortable shirts I own! I sometimes dress it up for work or dress down for casual Friday hangouts. This has been such a hit in my office with or without a blazer!

San Francisco, CA